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Bexar Support

2003 June 15


Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
San Antonio, Texas

Ralph Lopez

Rolando Tafolla
Chief Deputy


  •  COMMANDER – Captain Roger Apolinar
    SPECIAL SERVICES – Lt. Don Marshall 

    FINANCE – Sgt. Dan Remmers
    RECORDS & TRAINING – James Cornell and Charles Perrington

  • INVESTIGATIONS – Lieutenant Joe Lopez 

  • Criminal Warrants – Sgt. Thomas Heinrich and Sgt. David Glasscock

PATROL – Sgt. Frank Serrata

  • MAGISTRATE COURT – Lieutenant Joe Perez
  • COURT SECURITY – Sgt. Wayne Brown

 The Alamo 

Located in downtown San Antonio, The Alamo represents Texas history.
It is the site of a decisive battle by Texans for independence from Mexico.

What is the Support Division?

The Support Division of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is one of the oldest volunteer law enforcement groups in America.

It was known as the Bexar County Sheriff Reserves until the present Sheriff Ralph Lopez took office in 1992. At that time, Sheriff Lopez decided that every volunteer Deputy in the Support Division would be required to hold at least aBasic Peace Officer license (Texas requires 560 hours training for Peace Officer license). The Sheriff ruled that holders of Reserve Law Enforcement Officer licenses would no longer be a part of the Division.

Texas law requires all Peace Officers to complete 40 hours of In-Service training every two years to maintain their licenses. A great believer in good training, Sheriff Lopez mandates his deputies must have 40 hours of In-Service trainingevery year.

The are more than 200 Volunteer Deputies in the Support Division Those active commit themselves to serve a minimum of 16 hours per month. The current average is approximately 30 hours a month.

Support Division deputies save Bexar County taxpayers
well over half a million dollars a year.

Support Division members come from all walks of life. Some are young people looking toward a future in law enforcement who will use this experience to move up into that career. On the other hand, several are retired Sheriff Deputies and Police, including two former San Antonio Chiefs of Police and some Deputy Chiefs.

As you can see by the Staff assignments above, Support Division officers are utilized in nearly all areas of the Sheriff’s Office to supplement law enforcement manpower. Like paid deputies, the volunteers are professionally trained, State-licensed, and duly sworn Peace Officers. They are assigned to the same duties as paid officers.

In general, Support Division deputies are volunteers who are not compensated for their normal duty time. The Division is comprised of individuals who want to contribute to the safety and well-being of their community as well as those who desire to work into law enforcement careers. Many law enforcement agencies consider the merits and accomplishments of their volunteer deputies for filling full-time paid positions before seeking outside applicants.

There are two levels of licenses issued by the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement Officer
Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). They are:


A person who holds a Reserve Law Enforcement Officer license is considered to be a “Reserve”. These persons are “peace officers” only when called to duty. They may carry a weapon only “while in the actual discharge of official duties”. Certificates of qualification for Reserves are:

  1. Basic Reserve (requires 228 hours training)

  2. Intermediate Reserve (requires 190 hours training)

  3. Advanced Reserve (requires 142 hours training.) The 560 hours training is  sufficient for Basic Peace Officer license.


All Peace Officers have the same law enforcement powers, whether paid or unpaid. At this time, 560 hours of training is the minimum TCLEOSE requirement. Four levels of achievement may be obtained by Peace Officers. They are:

  1. Basic Peace Officer

  2. Intermediate Peace Officer

  3. Advanced Peace Officer

  4. Master Peace Officer


In addition to requiring a Peace Officer License, the basic minimum requirements for applicants to the Support Division are:

  • Minimum 21 years old (no maximum age)

  • High school diploma or G.E.D.

  • Good physical conditioning

  • Valid Texas driver’s license

  • No criminal convictions.

Applicant must hold a Peace Officer license; pass a physical examination; pass a psychological examination; and be approved by a Review Board comprised of fulltime regular and  Support Division officers.

  Interested in joining?

Persons interested in becoming a part of the Support Division of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office should contact:
Captain Roger Apolinar

Lt. Billy Davenport died on Sept. 2, 2002. Joined the Bexar County Sheriff Reserve in 1979, was a key member of the Gang Unit, served in Special Assignments. He averaged 53 hours per month in time donated and in at least six years his donated time exceeded 1,000 hours. Nick E. Espiritu died on September 7, 2002.  He joined the Bexar County Sheriff Reserve in 1963 and served honorably until 1994. Nick was a familiar face around the Bexar County Courthouse where he served many years with Court Security.

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