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Membership Benefits – Reserve Law Officers

2002 January 5

Reserve Law Officers Association of America Benefits


P.O. Box 17807, San Antonio, TX 78217
(Founded in January, 1970)

The following are a few of many benefits of membership in RLOAA:

  • Up to $30,000.00 in accident medical expense protection for line of duty injuries pay for ambulance,
    X-ray, hospital, doctors, nurses, and other expenses. No deductible.
  • Constant nationwide monitoring of legislative actions which affect law enforcement officers.
  • Gold, red, white, and blue windshield decal depicting the official Association emblem, along
    with an embossed identification card.
  • National and regional NEWSLETTERS to keep members up-to-date.

No advertising sales

This Association operates on membership dues ONLY. No ads are solicited, nor does the Association
permit anyone else to solicit money or ads in its behalf.

RLOAA is careful to protect the integrity of the Association, of its members, and of the agencies
they serve. By avoiding all solicitations, we can prevent embarrassment to Sheriffs, Constables,
and Police Chiefs and their departments which often happens when telephone “boiler rooms”
begin making ad sales pitches. What makes this situation even worse, some unscrupulous operators
don’t even publish the ads they collect for.

Organizational assistance

For years, the Association has provided assistance to law enforcement agency heads in organizing
and upgrading their volunteer peace officer forces. A special manual is available, “How To Organize
And Operate A Law Enforcement Reserve Force”. It has provided many agencies across America
with valuable tools.

Two types of membership available:

[ 1 ] INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS join by sending name, address, ZIP and $25 annual dues. Every member is covered
by group accident medical expense insurance up to $10,000.00. Click 
Application for Membership below.

[ 2 ] 100% GROUP members are enrolled from a complete roster of all members of the volunteer law enforcement group
to which they belong. The roster must give names, addresses, and ZIPs. A single check to pay the dues of the entire group
at $25 per person must accompany the roster. There are several extra benefits for “100% Group” members. First, the
department head should be included on the roster along with the Coordinator or Liaison Officer, but do not pay for them
because Police Chiefs, Constables, Sheriffs and Coordinators memberships are complimentary. The biggest benefit is that
“100% Group” members are provided with an additional $20,000.00 in accident medical expense insurance, making a
total of $30,000.00. Another benefit is that memberships are transferable: if a person leaves the group, the unused portion is
transferred to a new person joining your group. And, if a member is added during the year, the new member’s dues are
pro-rated to the end of the 12-month period. For example: a Group enrolls in July, the Group expires the following July; if
a new member joins the Group in January, his dues are only $12.50 for the remaining 6 months so his expiration date
coincides with the Group.

JOIN TODAY. Click here for: Application for membership

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