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Membership Benefits – Reserve Law Officers

2002 February 22

Reserve Law Officers Association Insurance Benefits

P.O. Box 17807, San Antonio, TX 78217
(Founded in January, 1970)

A benefit of membership in RLOAA is
Accident Medical Expense protection.

    Every member of the Reserve Law Officers Association of America is covered under a
group accident medical expense policy issued by The Life Insurance Company of
North America, with coverage up to $10,000.00 for individual memberships, and up to
$30,000.00 if the member belongs to a “100% Participating Unit.”
 The accident medical expense policy pays expenses resulting from accidental bodily
injuries sustained while performing assignments in the line of duty as a law enforcement
If, on account of such injuries, the member requires medical or surgical treatment,
including  hospitalization, X-ray examination, the services of registered nurses or the
use of ambulatory services, the insurance pays the expenses incurred. The policy pays
in excess of any other coverage such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield or other group,
blanket, or franchise insurance.
  There is no deductible.
When a member is injured, he should contact National Headquarters of RLOAA either
in writing or by telephone or fax:
Mail: P.O. Box 17807, San Antonio, TX 78217
Telephone:  210-653-5754         FAX:  210-653-9655

Advise the office of the date and nature of the injury, name of the law enforcement
agency you are connected with, and whether or not you are a member of a
“100 Percent Participating Unit” in the RLOAA.
The office will partially fill out a Claim Form to be submitted by you to the Claims
Office of INA.  The information the office places on the Claim Form is required by
INA, then fill out the information on the form which applies to you personally, and
then take it to your doctor and/or hospital so they can fill out their portion.
Attach any ambulance, doctor, hospital, or other bill to the Claim Form and mail it
YOURSELF in the special pre-addressed envelope RLOAA sends you.  That envelope
is addressed to the Claims Office which will handle your claim.
If you follow these instructions, the claim will be handled in the shortest possible time.
Deviation from this procedure can delay settling your claim.
Do not send any bills to National Headquarters of RLOAA.  That will only delay
payment as this office will have to send the bills back to you so they will be submitted
with the proper claim form, or added to the claim form previously filed with its number.
Be sure your doctor and hospital send their bills to you, and not to RLOAA.
Once our claim is filed, you will be given a claim number by the Claims Office of INA.
Then, if subsequent bills come in (such as for rehabilitation) you can simply send them in
for payment, giving the proper claim number to INA.  Claims handled in this simple way
have been taken care of very promptly.
A reminder: if the Claims Office requests further information from you, respond
immediately because as long as they are waiting for your reply, your claim is held up.

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