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PENAL CODE changes to be proposed in Texas

1997 June 18
by admin

Changes needed in Texas Penal Code

Proposed Penal Code changes are in process of being drafted.

The changes would include:

  • Clarify the definition of “Who Is A Peace officer”, and
  • Changes in the Concealed Handgun licensing procedure;

During your next coffee break, ask your pals:

“What is a peace officer”

What Is A Peace Officer?

Ask your peace officer partner to give you a definition of a Texas Peace Officer. You are probably wondering if you, yourself, can give a concise definition. Don’t look in the Penal Code or the Code of Criminal Procedure. (It ain’t there! Never has been.)

The issue is to get an exact, legal, concise definition.

Changes are needed in Article 4413 29(aa) Sec. 2 & 6, then Texas Constitution Article 16, Section 1 to spell out these three specific areas:

  • (1) Trained

  • (2) Licensed

  • (3) Sworn to an Oath of Office


Then an amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.12.

Attempts to accomplish this worthy goal were made in the Texas Legislature during the 1997 Session, but failed to pass.

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Revised on: June 18, 1997

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