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Purposes for Reserve Law Enforcement Association

2000 February 25



Reserve peace officers throughout our nation undergo intense training and participate in all facets of law enforcement, from crime prevention and traffic enforcement to felony arrests.

Today’s reserve peace officer is part of the “thin blue line” that separates the lawless from the law abiding citizens of this nation. They clearly are the “ultimate volunteers” of our society.

In January, 1970, the need of a national voice for these volunteers became apparent, and the Reserve Law Officers Association of America (reslaw) was organized. For the past 30 years reslaw has served as the “National Voice Of The Reserve Lawmen”.


  • To promote the welfare of the law enforcement profession, paid and volunteer;
  • To assist and encourage qualified personnel to go into law enforcement and to assist in training such personnel;
  • To disseminate information about the law enforcement profession to the public;
  • To assist in the passage of legislation beneficial to the law enforcement profession and its members;
  • To recognize outstanding contributions made by members of the profession in areas of good citizenship, community activities, human relations and law enforcement; and
  • To provide benefits to members of the Association

Our Policies Are:

  1. The Association is a nonprofit/unincorporated body.
  2. Our programs are educational, advisory, and politically nonpartisan
  3. The Association is not a union nor a bargaining agent for volunteer peace officers; rather it works through Sheriffs, Constables, and Police Chiefs to assist them in organizing and/or upgrading their volunteer law enforcement officer force.
  4. We serve all members without regard to race, creed, sex, or ethnic extraction.

    Today’s reserve law enforcement officers are volunteers, with the same spirit as the volunteers who fought for our independence over 200 years ago.

 There are lots of different places where your volunteer services are needed — Little League, Boy Scouts, Church, etc. However, the person who decides to become a volunteer law officer will become the
Ultimate Volunteer!

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