In today’s housing market, some landlords illegally evict tenants from their rent-controlled apartments to raise the rent above levels set by the local rent control ordinance.

Landlords make up false reasons for the eviction like their intent to move in a relative or a resident manager.

These evictions are fraudulent and against the law. Riley Ersoff & Shakhnis can help.

In a lawsuit, illegally evicted tenants are entitled to the difference between the rent they actually paid for their apartment versus the market rate rental value for their apartment.

If you would have continued to reside in your rent­ controlled apartment for many years to come, the loss to you from an illegal eviction is significant. You now have to spend hundreds of dollars more per month for an apartment that is likely to be in a worse location and with less space. Moving is also extremely stressful and children may have to relocate from their neighborhood school.

We can help you get justice for this fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is an Eviction Illegal?

In order for your landlord to evict you, they must go to court to get an eviction order. Your landlord cannot prevent you from having access to your home without an eviction order. If your landlord evicts you without an eviction order, that is against the law.

What if My Landlord Shut Off My Water, Changed My Locks, or Turned Off My Electricity?

If your landlord does any of these, they may have violated the law. You might be able to sue your landlord if they try to keep you out of your home by force or threats.

Can My Landlord Evict Me if I Have Kids?

Yes. Having children or dependents is not a factor of the eviction process. However, you cannot be evicted just because you have kids. If your landlord is evicting you because of your children you may have a valid case.


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